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Display Consoles

We have an extensive range of digital readout display consoles, including standard LED displays or full color LCD graphical with menu driven displays. All consoles are feature packed whilst still being cost effective for hobby and model engineering workshops. A PC based DRO interface, that connects via USB to a Windows tablet, laptop or desktop PC is also available.

The consoles come in a selection of single, 2 axis, 3 axis and 4 axis versions. An axis summing interface can also be installed to combine two encoder outputs, for example the quill and knee travel. Our recommendation is to consider future upgrade, a 3 axis console will function with only 2 encoders connected. This would enable an addition of the 3rd encoder or summing device at a later date.

Dedicated consoles are available that offer either mill or lathe functions. Alternatively universal models combine functions for both, allowing for a single console format for the entire workshop that can be transferred between machines.

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