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Digital Readout Systems

We have an extensive variety of digital readout display consoles. These range from cost effective entry level systems to the latest generation of LCD display systems. All consoles are feature packed whilst still being affordable to both model engineers and users within the production industry.

We offer a wide range of precision linear scales and rotary encoders, enabling us to offer a versatile and flexible solution to your installation requirements at an affordable price. Within our range of glass linear scales we have the GS300 standard and the GS500 slim which are ideal for limited or confined mounting space installation, including the lathe cross slide. For larger machine tools we can offer our GS600 long length scales, with reading lengths up to 3 metres.

Digital Readout Systems

  1. Part No:DRO-MG-EH-01
    Magnetic Linear Encoder Reading Head with 1 micron resolution. Suitable for the high resolution magnetic tape.
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