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We offer an extensive range of calipers available with vernier, dial or digital displays. Including basic 75mm pocket caliper increasing in jaw depth and size to the extra large capacity of the 1000mm caliper. Along with a comprehensive range of special purpose calipers.

Please contact us if you have a special requirement. We are able to source from a wide selection of approved manufacturers.
  1. Part No:ME-CAL-LO-2000
    Please contact us for Stock Details
    0-2000mm (80", 2 Meter) digital calipers long length with large capacity jaws.
  2. Part No:ME-CAL-LO-1500
    0-1500mm (60") digital calipers long length with large capacity jaws.
  3. Part No:MEB-MW110-30DAS
    Moore and Wright Absolute Digital 300mm/ 12inch Caliper
  4. Part No:MEB-MW110-30DDL
    Moore and Wright 300mm/ 12inch Digital Caliper
  5. Part No:MEB-MW143-30I
    12 Inch Imperial Dial Caliper - Moore and Wright 143 Series
  6. Part No:MEB-MW100-30BI
    300mm (12 inch) Vernier Caliper - Moore and Wright 100 Series .
  7. Part No:MEB-MW110-30
    Moore and Wright Precision Vernier Caliper 300mm/ 12"
  8. Part No:ME-CAL-CL-300
    300mm (12") centre pitch digital calipers with adjustable precision ground points. Allowing centre pitch between holes, edge plane to hole centre and outside measurements to be taken.
  9. Part No:MEB-331-12
    300mm/12inch Outside Firm Joint Calipers - Moore and Wright
  10. Part No:ME-CAL-IM-DIAL-12
    12" Machine-DRO dial caliper with imperial white face.
  11. Part No:ME-CAL-TOL-300
    0-300mm (12 inch) digital caliper with tolerance function.
  12. Part No:ME-CAL-VE-300
    300mm/ 12" Machine-DRO Vernier Caliper
  13. Part No:MEB-330-12
    300mm/12inch Inside Firm Joint Calipers - Moore and Wright
  14. Part No:ME-CAL-LH-300
    300mm (12") left handed digital calipers, designed to be used in the left hand with the jaws opening to the left.
  15. Part No:MEB-5112
    300mm/ 12inch Spring Inside Calipers - Moore and Wright
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